In these exceptional times in Europe, we must invest in electricity self-sufficiency, especially in renewable energy.​ In Europe the demand and price of electricity on the stock market is high during the peak hours, it has tripled in the last six months and continues to rise.​ Electricity companies pay good compensation for the production of solar electricity, based on the stock market price.​ Large solar energy fields are a needed renewable energy sources for European industry.

Our purpose is to build from 1 to 100+ megawatt solar power plants on flat fields, that are useless for or removed from agricultural use.​ With the technology, that FixSun Solar Finland uses, the maximum benefit is obtained from the surface area of ​​the fields.​ Even with a moderate selling price of electricity, large solar power plants start to make a profit already 5-6 years after the start of production.​ Some of the power plants are built as orders from our customers, some for our own production.​

We are also willing to do self-developed power plants as Joint Venture projects: to remain a minority owner of the project company and to offer technical and financial management services during the life cycle of the power plant.

Solar power plant as Turnkey delivery from FixSun

We supply the entire power plant with the best components and reliably installed; the customer does not even need to hire his own project manager.​ 

We do e.g. yield and repayment calculations, electrical plans, permit reports and fencing of the area​. If necessary, we also take care of clearing and foundation work, drainage, landscaping, security and control plan, and we assist in permit and subsidy matters.

We carry out smaller power projects with a project management model: we are responsible for both the whole and the guarantees and we use the best, if possible, often also local special/subcontractors.​

We implement large power projects with an experienced infrastructure construction partner responsible for the tasks of the project's main contractor.