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Solar Energy to Electrify the Land

FixSun Solar Finland is a project development and technology company specializing in the development and implementation of solar parks and building-integrated solar power systems. We implement the solar power plant as a package suitable for the facilities and needs; as a ground field, roof installation, integrated into the facade or even as a carport. Depending on the object, the systems can be made either as a simple equipment delivery, as a complete turnkey solution or as a cooperative JV project with the customer. We make plans tailored to the customer's needs, we take care of arranging financing and we make your project ready for implementation with our own project management. We use the best special contractors and the world's leading technology suppliers as partners.


Our product range includes traditional solar panels, solar energy glasses, facade products, solar energy roof tiles and other integrated products, batteries, inverters, EV chargers and trackers, rack and fixing solutions. The manufacture of the FixSun brand's own product development work has started in Finland, in other respects we import products from all over the world and make them available to different target audiences. We also create new by combining products and inventing new and more practical uses for them. 

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