Future Cities and Shopping Centres

Due to the climate change, solar energy has risen to a respected position for a reason, and it is of interest to an even wider group, both on the consumer and business side. However, the conditions in cities are challenging, roof surfaces are very limited and the sun's energy does not reach the traditional roof panels designed to collect them. City dwellers do not feel that they can participate in the production of solar energy due to the limited roof area of the apartment buildings.​ 

What if the collection of solar energy could be solved with cells integrated into structures? In any case, a roof and facade must be built for a new house, surfaces must be renewed in the facade renovation of an apartment building, balcony glazing at least. What if the new surfaces were built from materials that collect solar energy?

Solutions for Shopping Centres, Public-, Office- and Apartment Buldings

Alongside the traditional blue checkered panel installed on the roof, dozens of different options have appeared, from roof tile-patterned frameless panels to glass wall surface materials and cells integrated into the roof tile. The conversion and storage of solar energy is also developing rapidly, and we can customize products for all kinds of use, from residential buildings, shopping centers, parking garages and parking areas to large production facilities. 

If your project needs energy, we will find a suitable solution, help with planning and deliver the products according to the order. We cooperate with several companies specializing in infrastructure and glass construction. Our product range includes FixSun brand panels, solar energy glasses, facade products, solar energy roof tiles and other integrated products, batteries, inverters, charging points for electric cars and rack and fixing solutions.

In the future, houses and buildings will function as power plants and pay for themselves. To Net Zero and Beyond!